Undergraduates using motion capture equipment at an open day

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It all feels more real when you visit 鈥 from the hall you鈥檒l call home, to the immersive learning spaces, to the sights and sounds of a city by the sea. And we鈥檒l introduce you to Portsmouth鈥檚 new Connected Degrees, giving you a unique chance to add a paid placement after your final year of study.

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Spring Open Experience Days

Our Open Experience Days include have-a-go sessions and course specific activities, alongside key talks, support information, accommodation and campus tours. 

Saturday 20 April 2024


Summer and Autumn Open Days 

Our Open Days include subject specific and central talks, alongside support information, accommodation and campus tours. 

Saturday 6 July 2024

Saturday 7 September 2024

Saturday 5 October 2024

Saturday 9 November 2024

Saturday 7 December 2024




What to expect from our Open Experience Day

Join us for our Open Experience Days and get a more personalised and immersive taster into what your course and our university has to offer.


Join us at our Open Experience Days.

Whether you鈥檙e an applicant, an offer-holder or yet to apply,

this is your chance to delve deeper into your course

and see what the campus has to offer.

You'll be in smaller groups than at our Open Day

so you'll get more of a personalised experience.

You can tailor your day to

what you need and can do as much or as little

as you like throughout the day.

Here's why you don't want to miss out.

The course taster session

is the most important part of your day.

You'll take part in an immersive activity

related to your course.

You'll be able to meet your lecturers

and get to know some of your future course mates.

You will experience our facilities and equipment first-hand.

You can ask specific questions about your course and future studies.

Throughout the day, you can also explore many of our spaces on campus,


Ravelin, our new sustainable Sports Centre.

There鈥檚 something for everyone.

A massive sports hall,

fitness studios,

a gym with 175 stations,

2 squash courts,

an 8 lane swimming pool,

a ski simulator

and our climbing and bouldering wall.

Visit the university library, a space with pods for study work,

a live feed of available computers

and a caf茅 for study snacks.

Take a campus tour.

It's a great way to see the university located in the heart of our city.

It's also a great way to check out what

you can get up to outside of studying too.

There鈥檒l be a number of halls open on the day for you to visit,

to help you decide where you want to live.

Whether a social space is important to you or an en-suite is a must,

there's something for everyone.


Sounds good, right?

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What to expect from our Open Days

Thinking of coming to a 91日韩AV Open Day but not sure what to expect? Our student ambassadors explain what you'll experience to help you make the most of your visit.

Hi, I'm Marlena

and I'm one of the many student ambassadors

here at the 91日韩AV.

I'll be showing you around the campus of the university

and we cannot wait to meet you at our next open day.

You'll start your day at the check-in where you鈥檒l collect your guide,

and then you can decide where to go from there.

It is really easy to get to campus,

whether you're travelling by car or by public transport.

If you decide to use the Park and Ride, you鈥檒l be dropped by check-in

and that鈥檚 where your day would begin.

To help everything run smoothly on the day,

please have your QR code ready to show at check-in

which you should have received by email.

Hey, are you okay?

It's just right there.

No worries. Have a good day.

You can come and ask us questions at any time,

even if you just want advice on where to get lunch.

One of my top tips is to use the planner,

which is found at the back of the guidebook,

to help you plan your day and make sure you don't miss out.

Once you're ready to start,

one of the first things to do is to take a campus tour.

I'll be showing you around

some of the main uni buildings, including the Ravelin Sports Centre,

which is one of the most sustainable sports centres in the UK.

My favourite part of the campus tour

is sharing my student experience

and also sharing my favourite spots around the uni.

If you'd like to see more of the city, you can hop on the coach tour

to see the beach.

My top tip is: you can do this tour at any time of the day

so it fits around your key talks.

I鈥檒l also show you the library,

which is great if you need a quiet place to study.

During term time, it鈥檚 open 24 hours

and you can book rooms for group assignments.

When I came to an open day, I immediately felt at home

and could picture myself here.

On the day, you鈥檒l have talks covering your uni essentials.

Speak to us about what's important to you

and we鈥檒l be able to point you in the right direction.

You might want to learn how to make the most of your student finance.

There鈥檚 a talk for that.

Or finding your new home in Portsmouth?

There's a talk for that.

Or how to write a killer personal statement?

There鈥檚 a talk for that.

And if that's not enough,

you can speak to our student support teams

at our information fair.

This is what you're here for, right?

To find out if the course is for you.

The talk will most likely be in your course building

where you get to see the facilities,

and this will help you to picture yourself here.

When I came to the open day,

I was able to meet the people who would teach me.

The lecturers were so friendly and informative.

On open days, we have a number of halls open for you to visit.

We'll show you around the rooms, the kitchens and social areas.

There are so many options.

You can choose between catered and non-catered,

in the city or by the sea.

There's something for everyone.

We can't wait to see you at our next open day

at the 91日韩AV.